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La Maison

Made in Italy

From the desing to pattern making, from the cut to sewing: our products are all Made in Italy with materials coming from the most prestigious textile districts. It is not just a production choice, but a true enterpreneurial and artistic philosophy.


We love to work “like the old times”. That is why we put heart, hands and head in what we do. We truly want that talent and professionalism leave track in each garment. It is the human touch that makes every single piece special.

Carla Montanarini


Fashion is based on creativity and our garments are meant to help who wears them express themself. Each piece is thought to perfectly adapt to different occasions, from a special evening to a working day in the office. Sometimes, it is just a single accessory that makes the difference!


The attention to detail and high-quality finishes: our creations are just masterpieces ready to be worn. We follow every step with huge attention in order to grant you only world-class products.

Carla Montanarini
Il futuro


We love to use natural textile fibers such as cotton, viscose, wool, mohair and cashmere. It is our way to express love for the environment and for the well-being of all the people who choose our collections.

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